Start Pedaling For a Green Earth! 

Designed by Michael Goretzky (involved in the development of Daimler Chrysler's SMART automobile), the go-one³ is both a new type of vehicle and a new way of life. For the first time, conservation, frugalness and fitness is combined in a way that are actually provocative, engaging and fun!

The go-one³ is more than an enclosed bicycle [actually tricycle], it's a "Human Powered Vehicle" [HPV], complete with headlight, backlight and turn signals. By the end of this year these electrical conveniences will be expanded to include an optional 500 Watt electric assist motor.

Why settle for a mundane, 3,000lb behemoth, even if it has an electric or hybrid power plant? What other vehicle can you "recharge" with a sports drink and a power bar? The go-one³ is truly a next-generation vehicle that you can own and enjoy today and not worry about where you are going to refuel it, how long it will take and how far you can go. The go-one³ is virtually limitless!

If you are serious about purchasing a go-One3 and would like to test ride, contact me!

Made You Look Ad Space!

If you want your business to blow up, arrange to have your companies name or ad professionally designed and vinyled on the side of my Velomobile! e-mail me for ad rates at:

If you have a booth at a trade show, or any event that would require you to turn heads then look no further! This is prime advertising space, with absolutely everyone's attention grabbed and focused on the machine. As it glides down the road in parades, down the shore on the board walk, or even just a run to the store for some milk, it is cutting edge In Your Face advertising that guarantees to be seen!

Staying Healthy

Do you want to never be sick again? Do you want to wake up full of  energy, vitality, full of life, with a spring in your step every day? Do want to live the rest of your life without fear of disease, obesity, and prescription free? Well If you answered yes, but are as I was skeptical, then listen to this! Why is it, that in this day and age, after all of the medical break throughs, we as Americans are sicker then we have ever been? In fact, Americans are more obese, have cancer, get colds/Flu's, have more cases of diabetes, take more proscription drugs, and are allergic to so many more things than ever before in our history. Yet day after day, there is some new miracle drug put out that can help you live better when the side effects tend to be worse than the ailment you are trying to cure.

The fact of the matter is, drug companies are a business. Just like McDonald's, gas companies, clothing stores, etc. And what is their main goal? Money. The route of all evil. They have no interest in making you healthier! In fact, they prey that you get sicker. They want you to stay sick. They want you pass your sickness on to your children!

Think about it, have you ever herd one of those drug commercials, talk about what caused the problem, or how to prevent the problem they are claiming to help? Of course not! Have you ever in your life herd a commercial promoting an herbal remedy, or holistic medicine? No you haven't. Because they don't want you to know about them. We live in a society that is based on greed and money, and being healthy would cause the $2 Trillion dollar per year health care system to crumble. THEY WANT AND NEED YOU TO BE SICK! The wall has been pulled over our eyes.

I'm a musician. I love to sing and play shows. One great concern of mine is catching a cold that will cause me to lose my voice. In researching ways to prevent getting sick and build a stronger immune system, I have discovered disturbing evidence of how crooked the FDA, FTC, and the pharmaceutical companies really is. Did you know that food companies pump additives into their products that actually make you fatter and hungrier. You would have to be blind not to notice that portion sizes are out of control. Have you ever gone into 7-11 and seen the supper big gulp? 44 ounces of soda! How about the Extreme Supper Big Gulp? 52 fucking ounces of soda! Are they for real? 52 ounces of paint will cover all the walls of a 9x9 bedroom. In a world of all you can eat buffet's, Super-size, and King-size meals, our portion sizes are outrageous! The human stomach is the size of a balled up fist, yet when we order a meal we as consumers feel that we need to get the most for our dollar and shove it all down.

Your body is a vehicle. What you fuel it with determines it's longevity, vitality, and performance. Anything that man has touched is full of chemicals. When you sit down to dinner tonight wherever that may be, look down at your plate. Really think of where that food came from. Think about the process it went through to make its way to you. Think of all of the advertising that went into that product, were it originally came from. The way it was stored, shipped, and cooked. The more a product is handled, preserved, and messed with, the nutrients is there by effected. Take a can of corn for instance. The Corn is grown in a field out in lets say, Kansas. The corn, witch has been treated by chemicals its whole life, is picked and put onto a truck. the truck takes it to a factory where it is put through several machines to remove the kernels. then they are cooked in huge vats (probably in water that you wouldn't even put out for your dog. Once you cook a vegetable, it immediately looses 30% of its nutrients. Then the corn is canned after adding all of those wonderful ingredients and chemicals you read on the label to preserve it and distributed to stores around the country. The can then sits on the shelves for months until finally bought and re-heated to end up on your plate. At this point, your corn is nothing more than a pile of chemicals with about 10% of the nutritional value it started out with. And that's just a simple can of corn.

The meat industry is a whole other world! Meat that comes from animals that have not been able to graze the land freely, and have been fed chemicals there whole lives in order to make them bigger and more productive is what ends up in the supermarkets, and restaurants. Not to mention how they are slaughtered. The gruesome way a cow is killed is by shooting a bolt into the head. This in turn releases adrenaline (a natural body defense to trauma )into the already toxic meat. The meat which in some cases has fallen on the floor of the slaughter house is then packed and sent to the supper market.

All and all, your health and how you feel, is determined by what you put into your body. Living without disease and full of energy is not easy, but it is possible. If you want to live disease free, have more energy, and live a long life the way nature intended, It is in my best belief that following these steps will help you to do so:

1.Get a clean air filter...The air you breath is vital to good health. Fill your house with plants and you will notice a significant increase in energy!

3. Never drink tap water...Tap water is full of chemicals from treatment to the pipes it was transferred by.

4. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of mineral water & Purified water a day

5. Only eat Free Range organic meats

6. Only eat organic eggs, vegetables and fruits

7. Try not to cook your vegetables as much as possible, Raw Organic vegetables have the most nutrients.

8. Go to your local health food stores and get organic food supplements

9. Stop smoking & keep distance from anyone who dose

10. Drink Red Wine (in moderation of course)

11. Detoxify your body at least twice a year...Ultimate Cleanse is a great one!

12. Exercise